True to Nature digital element

October 29, 2019

The Fitzwilliam Museum

🍵 1 min to read (suggested)

True to Nature was another project which came around without digital outputs specified fully in the exhibition planning brief. However, there was a request from the curatorial team to produce a rich set of pages to augment the exhibition online.

To do this, I created:

  1. Overview of all labels with individual pages for each label
  2. IIIF embedded images where available
  3. A page for each artist (with biography) with a list of their works in the exhibition
  4. A Peripleo map of the exhibition's locations depicted
  5. A set of viewpoint discussion pieces

All very simple and driven off the Directus CMS.

People I worked with

  • Rebecca Virag
  • Rainer Simon (Peripleo mapping)