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The Staffordshire Hoard Website

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This site was built in one day by Daniel Pett, PAS ICT Adviser, using the OpenSource Textpattern Content Management System which is freely available from The labeling of images was conducted by Katharine Kelland over a period of a few days. The data was manipulated from original work by Kevin Leahy via Roger Bland. The fantastic images come from a variety of sources - Daniel Buxton, David Rowan Birmingham University, the councils involved and Duncan Slarke (the local FLO).

The technology employed is enhanced by a variety of plugins which leverages different content providers. A content delivery network has been used for delivering the jQuery javascript framework, and images are hosted on Flickr’s site.

Flickr’s api - using a customised and extended version of the VDH_flickr plugin, in combination with Lightbox2 YQL and Twitter in conjunction with the simplepie extension to see what people have been saying about the hoard in realtime YQL to pull in online news articles for the hoard Youtube/vimeo to find video footage of news stories - these will appear when they become available Textpattern is gaining a following in the Heritage sector with LP Archaeology producing a number of their sites on the platform.

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create Created: 06 Sep 2022

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