Human Touch digital element

October 29, 2019

Role(s): DeveloperThe Fitzwilliam Museum

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As with most digital things at the Fitzwilliam, the digital elements for the Human Touch were sprung on the team shortly before opening (the museum's planning forms had not specified any digital elements for this display.) This was no reflection on the curators of the exhibition, Elenor Ling and Suzanne Reynolds were excellent in helping to produce the content.

For this project, I decided to develop the web platform using Gatsby (mainly to learn something new) and our main content management system, Directus 8 and the old Gatsby npm packages. Data was collated and uploaded to the system by Elenor Ling, myself and our British Museum Futures placement Ayomi Oni, and from there the labels and information were collated. Simple video embeds were used for the head of each page, the website did the job...


To accompany the exhibition, we produced a series of animations with the curators and the artists, with Nick Harris (former BM colleague), leading the development of these guiding my colleagues through the process.

People I worked with

  • Elenor Ling
  • Ayomi Oni
  • Suzanne Reynolds