Pump Priming - the road to learning 3D modeling skills

November 29, 2018

The Fitzwilliam Museum

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Note this is part of the Do Not Touch project, and represents the training element. It developed into a knowledge transfer activity by itself and was assessed by participants with a 95% approval rating from the surveys conducted.

This project responds to the cultural heritage global challenge and will enable the Fitzwilliam Museum to:

  1. trial new ways of collaborating with key actors in the heritage ecosystem;
  2. create a solid evidence base and basis for partnership facilitating long-term collaborations and opening up new bidding opportunities; and
  3. offer training to embed knowledge across the University and UCMs. Activity is focused on how to deter visitors from touching objects in the Museum’s collection, whilst responding positively to people’s desire to connect and engage with the objects through tactile engagement. This is a current international museum challenge and the subject of a Fitzwilliam pilot project.

The Workshops

  • Workshop 1: use of 3D for object-based learning and reducing incidents of touching in Museums. Speakers and audience will cover industry, educators, universities, galleries, museums and archives.
  • Workshop 2: training and upskilling UCM and University staff (including ECRs) on 3D modelling.
  • Workshop 3: impact of using 3D for object-based learning on collections care, how visitors interact with contributions leading to development of large-scale projects as a result of sharing and discussing findings.

Web resource

This short site was built for the 3D model making workshops organised by Daniel Pett and Jo Vine at the Museum of Classical Archaeology and the Fitzwilliam Museum. The workshops were designed to furnish members of the public and academics with knowledge of photogrammetry and 3D modelling software and were well attended and received by the participants.