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Erratic blogging

Indy in FAO Schwartz

21 Jun 2011

Throw me the idol……

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New bike

20 May 2011

On one pompino, glow in the dark frame!

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Yahoo! Openhack EU (Bucharest)

18 May 2011

Last weekend, I was invited to attend the Yahoo! Openhack EU event that was held in Bucharest, Romania as part...

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17 May 2011

Workshop on Archaeologists & The Digital: Towards Strategies of Engagement Yesterday UCL’s Institute of Archaeology (which incidentally is top ranked...

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Archiving twitter via open source software

12 May 2011

Over the last few months I’ve been helping Lorna Richardson, PhD student at the Centre for Digital Humanities at UCL....

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40 feet down

28 Apr 2011

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Day of archaeology 2011

28 Apr 2011

One of the projects that I’m working on, alongside some other digital archaeologists (Lorna Richardson, Matthew Law, Jess Ogden, Stu...

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Portable Antiquities Scheme site wins an award

12 Apr 2011

The Portable Antiquities Scheme website, which I rebuilt over a period of around 10 months from 2009 – March 2010...

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Scuba diving, Sharm el Sheikh

10 Apr 2011

Kate with her favourite fish - 2 clownfish We’ve just returned from a week in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt where...

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Palestine Exploration Fund flickrstream

05 Dec 2010

Over the last few days, I have been adding a selection of the Palestine Exploration Fund’s extensive image collection to...

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