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Things that go bump in the night: the Blackmoor hoard

03 Nov 2014

Jennifer Wexler, Bronze Age Index Manager, MicroPasts Project, Daniel Pett, ICT Advisor, Portable Antiquities Scheme, and Neil Wilkin, Curator of...

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Tractor boy

04 May 2014

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Preparing the British Museum Bronze Age index for transcription

01 May 2014

Originally published at: Since late 2013, the MicroPasts team has been preparing the British Museum‘s (BM) Bronze Age Index to...

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20 Apr 2014

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Lost Change: mapping coins from the Portable Antiquities Scheme

19 Feb 2014

Today sees the launch of Lost Change, an innovative and experimental application that allows coins found within England and Wales and...

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NatGeo HQ

18 Nov 2013

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LAWDI wordcloud

03 Jun 2012

Word up!

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The Met, NYC

01 Jun 2012

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A day in the life of a lot of archaeologists

27 Jul 2011

The 29 July marks the first Day of Archaeology, an online social media experiment that coincides with the Council for...

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